Increase profits and maximize the efficiency of your greenhouse

Turnkey Facilities Design

Let IOGRU design, plan, and build your ideal indoor growing environment, including grow benches, irrigation, water treatment, climate control, and automation. Avoid miscommunication and inefficiencies between multiple vendors, reduce risk, save time, and create the best grow site with our proven single-source facility design.


Get your facility up and running in the shortest time possible.

Included: Mechanical system calculations, construction & installation management, water calculations, grow room design, expert climate advice, successful grow strategy for your particular facility, and more.

Turnkey design

IOGRU not only provides and designs automation systems, but can also design a complete greenhouse design.

We provide architectural solutions that significantly reduce your further operational costs.

Due to the correct location and size of rooms, tables, lamps, etc., we significantly increase productivity, which, in turn, increases your income.

Also, we design electrical systems, ventilation systems, water supply, irrigation systems and much more.

Improving an existing greenhouse design

In addition to design, we can improve the existing design of your greenhouse.

Due to improvements and recommendations, the project cost, personnel and energy costs are reduced.

We increase your harvest

IOGRU has extensive experience in both automation and cultivation. For each project, we develop the best solutions, taking into account the characteristics of the external and internal environment.
This allows you to maximize productivity, energy efficiency and your bottom line.

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