Water Treatment and Irrigation Systems

The health of your crop is directly dependent on the water quality and the correct irritation strategies. The right water flow and the required amount of fertilizers must be optimally controlled and arrive at the right time.

IOGRU provides automated high-quality irrigation systems that ensure that your crop is getting the right formulas and efficiently recycle the use of water.


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Water pretreatment Systems

IOGRU systems disinfect the water with an ultraviolet light or a high ozone concentration, which can destroy all existing harmful organisms in the water, such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

Also, our systems can reduce bicarbonate and achieve a stable pH.

After-treatment and wastewater recycling

After the drain water is collected and filtered in the drain tank, it undergoes additional cleaning with UV – disinfection systems and is treated with a significant amount of ozone.

This allows the safe recycling of water from your AC systems. Leading to a significant reduction in freshwater consumption and helps to avoid additional waste.

This has a beneficial effect on the environment without polluting it by flushing fertilizer into the drain.

Determination of the effective watering time

Our sensors determine both the EC and pH values, as well as the level of water consumption by plants and their needs.
This allows you to give your plants the right amount of nutrients and determine the correct watering time.

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