IOGRU Cloud is a unique ecosystem with which you can control all processes in your greenhouse and manage them in real time, no matter where you are.

One point of full control

IOGRU has developed an advanced system that has no analogues. We were able to unite all team members on one platform, which allows you to control all your internal processes online, from any device.

Key Benefits

The interaction of the whole team
Control of each individual process
System Breakdown prediction with a step-by-step guidance
Access from any device from anywhere in the world
Simple and intuitive graphical interface with rich details

Increase work efficiency by simplifying it and making it as convenient as possible for each employee of the company.


With IOGRU Cloud, you always know what is happening in the greenhouse and have remote access to all settings. Wherever you are, information is always at hand. All your processes are under control. Even when you are going on vacation and wanting to find out how things are in your greenhouse, you can simply go from your phone to the platform to get all the reports, as well as change all your growing strategies.

Service personnel

Our system is designed for every member of the team. For example, a fitter engaged in servicing a facility will find it convenient to identify all problems with the equipment and immediately receive a step-by-step solution on the screen of his phone. Our system is able to predict breakdowns before they occur and notifies about it, which helps to avoid unforeseen situations.


IOGRU Cloud allows you to track all the processes of your business, wherever you are. You always have access to reports on cultivation, staff productivity, the effectiveness of the cultivation strategy, the implementation of the volume of the plan and much more. You get full control over everything that happens at the facility 24/7.

Anytime and on any device you will have complete access
to all the processes in your greenhouse.

Manage on the go, naturally

  • IOGRU Cloud is available on any device

  • Unites all team members

  • Quick access and intuitive settings for the entire interface

Up-to-date data is always at hand

  • Control of all processes 24/7

  • Timely warnings of breakdowns and errors with a step-by-step solution 

  • Change and optimization of operating parameters

Full control over important processes

  • Individual settings of all system parameters allow you to quickly track important information 

  • Customize the display using intuitive graphics 

All important and relevant information is always at your fingertips – on the convenient, customizable IOGRU Cloud panel.

  • About climate change and other conditions in your greenhouse
  • About the status of the system, including HVAC, lighting, discharges, etc.
  • Detailed graphics of any environment that surrounds your plants and their level of stress and condition.
  • Timely notifications of possible breakdowns and errors with a step-by-step solution

Easily customize your IOGRU Cloud to suit all your personal needs. 

IOGRU Cloud adapts to any of your devices for easy viewing and allows you to display the number of graphs that you need. 

You can customize each section as it suits you. Display priority tasks, graphs, tables, and other visual tools.