Grow with Confidence

Build the perfect indoor growing facility and create the ideal climate conditions without unnecessary costs. Grow your crops and your business profitably, efficiently, and reliably with the best controls, monitoring & automation tools, expertise, and support.


Maximize your crop
yield and potency

Use up to 90% less water
and electricity

Reduce human error
and labor costs

Get a faster return
on your investment

Optimal energy usage

Save up to 40% on your energy bills and double
your equipment lifetime with IOGRU’s
efficient control algorithms.

Grow better and worry less

Ensure reliable operation of your facility and your crop’s health with IOGRU’s automated control systems. Autopilot and fault-tolerant management will
simplify your daily tasks, prevent human errors, and help you work smoothly
and stress-free.

Run your business more profitably & efficiently

Improve ROI, facility performance, and productivity:
Prevent crop diseases and fungi by protecting crop health and maintaining the perfect climate. Significantly reduce manual labor and error-prone tasks. IOGRU is both a developer and installer, giving you a single, efficient point of contact and support.

Nationwide, Experienced Low voltage installation team

Your project and control systems are unique. We pride ourselves on our nationwide installation team, which performed many build-outs and installed control systems, including vertical farms, grow containers, warehouses, and rooftop greenhouses, and will ensure timely and professional installation and setup of all your equipment.

24/7 on-site and remote support

Every project, even after its completion, is essential to us. We will ensure the smooth and reliable operation of your site, eliminating the need for a separate, costly maintenance team.

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Indoor growing marketing specialist
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