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You, the grower, are the most critical person in cultivation, the harvest and crop quality depends on you. We developed the best automation, management, and control system to help you in your complex business. You can work more efficiently and comfortably, automate tedious watering, monitoring, and daily tasks, control all growing processes, and know-how your plants feel and what precisely they need at any time. Focus on what you love about your business, and let us do the rest. Grow smarter, not harder, with IOGRU.

Benefits to your growing operation

Minimize the risk of accidents
and crop loss

Automatically maintain
the perfect growing conditions

Monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, stress levels, and more with visual reports

Intuitive and easy to use for both new and experienced growers

Maximize your success
from cultivation to harvest

Grow smarter, not harder

Easily manage and monitor your site, simplify daily tasks, and prevent costly problems using accurate sensors, smart alarms, remote access, and cloud-based support.

Harvesting the best technology

We have long served the building, greenhouse, and energy management industry as the technical and mechanical specialists. With IOGRU’s modern technologies, you can finally bridge the gap between people, environmental controls, irrigation, and all possible facility systems, operated by top software solutions.

Cloud solutions for peace of mind

Receive performance reports, data logs, custom alerts, and more with IOGRU’s remote access and cloud technologies. Greatly expand your cultivation capabilities with our user-friendly cloud solutions, and have peace of mind knowing that your facility is operating smoothly.

Increasing your success through continuous innovations

We invest in the most advanced R&D tools and processes to ensure your crop’s health and the best yield possible. IOGRU leads innovation with Leaf Surface Temperature, VPD, and transpiration monitoring, and crop stress control in its control sequences.

Oliver van Dorn

Indoor growing marketing specialist

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