Finest Cultivation Tools

In addition to automation systems, IOGRU provides tools that allow you to monitor the state of your plants, growth efficiency, and have full control over all processes and strategies.

Our tools will allow you to quickly find out about your crops’ needs and needs and prevent their diseases and maximize your harvest.


We invest in the most advanced
R&D tools and processes to ensure
the crops health and best yield possible.
IOGRU leads innovation with Leaf Surface
Temperature, VPD and transpiration
in its control sequences.

Maximum efficiency and complete control over your grow operations

Discover cutting-edge technologies that will ensure the health and growth of both plants and your business.

Our tools provide complete information about the condition and needs of the crop and automate all reporting.

Access to intelligent analytical tools will help you create the most effective cultivation strategy, which is guaranteed to lead to an increase in yield and income.

Use these opportunities now to ensure the smooth operation of your entire business and market leadership.

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