Greenhouse and Indoor Growing Control Systems

By choosing IOGRU automated systems, you get the most effective and innovative solutions for controlling and monitoring traditional greenhouses and Indoor Growing.
Only by controlling all the processes in your greenhouse, you provide both high plant growth and your business.


Reach your production goals faster
with the best technology on the market.

Our systems are used worldwide in
greenhouses, vertical farms,
growing containers, and mission-critical
environments including
hospitals, data centers, and airports

Improve growth efficiency, crop quality and yield

Create perfect climate conditions at no extra cost. Grow your crop and your business profitably, efficiently, and reliably using the best means of control, monitoring and automation, expert knowledge, and support.

Save your money and time

Automated IOGRU systems control the consumption of electricity, fertilizers, and water, allowing you to save effectively without compromising crop quality.

Our systems warn about possible breakdowns and provide a step-by-step algorithm for solving all potential problems. And our cloud systems allow you to manage all the processes in the greenhouse, wherever you are.

Grow better and worry less 

Ensure your facility’s reliable operation and crop health using IOGRU monitoring, automation, and remote management. Autopilot and fail-safe controls simplify your daily tasks, prevent human error, and help you run your site smoothly and stress-free.

  • Track temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and more with visual reports
  • Automatically maintain the perfect growing conditions: temperature, humidity, CO2, lighting, irrigation, and more.
  • Analyze site performance, receive remote alerts about equipment faults.

Support & maintenance

Every installation is important to us. After the project completion, we provide full remote maintenance, monitoring, troubleshooting, and all the necessary adjustments for optimal climate and performance. We also offer complete on-site maintenance for a worry-free facility.

Climate control & automation system installation

One of IOGRU uniquenesses is that IOGRU provides complete control system installation across the nation.

Besides installation IOGRU is expert in Integration / interface with virtually any 3rd party/existing systems.

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