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IOGRU is a rapidly growing company, and we are proud to have top automation specialists, software and electrical engineers, agriculture scientists, researchers, and other specialists working on our team.

Just as we create the ideal growing climate for our customers’ crops, we also strive to provide comfortable working conditions for our highly valued team members – states that allow us to further develop and improve our skills so that our customers always receive the best service. Join IOGRU, and you can be sure that exciting tasks and projects are waiting for you.

Olena Ketz

Strategic HR Partner
+1 833 545-454
[email protected]

1. Innovative Lab Software Developer

We are looking for an active and motivated problem-solvers that will be game-changers in future technologies.
Since we are an innovative company, we respect and support extraordinary minds.

Required experience: Azure, C#, Visual Studio, .Net Core, HTML/CSS, React

2. Graphic Design and UI Developer

We are looking for a creative and innovation-driven masterpiece creates that will fulfill our everyday needs.

Required experience: HTML5, CSS3, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Sketch

3. Embedded Software Developer

With the world’s demand for advanced technologies, we encounter new everyday challenges. IOGRU pride itself on being the most advanced company on the market. Be a part of the data and challenge-driven team.

Required experience: C/C++, Base scripts, ARM Processors, IoT platform

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That defines the future of indoor growing, automation, smart climate control, and is committed to making the world a better place.

We thank everyone for responding to our job postings, and urge you to follow the updates on our website. Our company is constantly growing, and new career opportunities will be published here. We always keep in mind those applicants who have previously submitted their applications and resumes to us.