Leading North American farmers are increasingly turning to automated control processes to optimize labor, productivity and yields in their greenhouses. With the development and introduction of new technologies and other equipment, including more advanced sensors for greenhouse conditions, farmers can easily monitor all the necessary data away from the greenhouse itself, at any time of day or night.

Manage your greenhouse remotely

Automation systems not only create an excellent environment for future yield growth, but also significantly help save resources on energy and other production costs. The priority of these systems is to be able to grow quality crops without incurring unnecessary costs. Today, this way of introducing farming is more profitable, looking at the rise in prices for manual labor, in light of recent developments. This is why it is necessary to have a fully automated system that will offer online control from any device, be it a computer or a smartphone.

Control each process

The automated system is able to display on your device, 24 hours a day, the absolute majority of information and data that every farmer needs to know. In this way, the system can show you: the temperature, greenhouse humidity, and even the plant’s root zone. It should be noted that the system shows the root zone either in a bag or with soil. All this is made possible by specially designed sensors that constantly monitor this information to protect your crop.

Successfully growing a particular crop requires an ideal balance of environmental conditions for the plant to grow. For example, it is especially important to maintain a specific humidity and temperature in a greenhouse when growing medical cannabis. If one of these factors is not kept in check, the harvest can be disrupted. This is why the absolute majority of growers take the strictest possible stance on compliance and control.

Climate service and wireless sensors in greenhouses allow each farmer to fully control and maintain the necessary atmospheric conditions in the greenhouse, for maximum product quality at each stage of growth. If the right conditions are not met, the farmer will be notified immediately, allowing him or her to quickly rectify the situation through physical intervention.

Save money efficiently

According to a latest survey, labor costs account for about one third of the total costs in this sector of agriculture. At the same time, buying fertilizer is also a significant cost item, as one fifth of the cost is spent on it.  In total, these two points together make up half of the total costs. Compared to these figures, electricity costs are very small. And if you have the desire to optimize your costs, the best solution is to turn to modern technology.

It is important to note the fact that the vast majority of North America’s leading farmers are actively investing in developing more and more systems to work more efficiently. Therefore, by moving from an old option to a more modern one, each farmer has the opportunity to benefit from future systems and future equipment that can greatly facilitate daily tasks.