It has long been known that temperature conditions are of great importance for all processes of plant life. Any deviation from a favorable temperature regime can significantly affect the quality and quantity of the crop.
It must be taken into consideration that the plant needs different growing conditions in various phases of growth. Depending on air temperature, moisture and carbon dioxide must be in specific proportions. And only with the right proportions, you can guarantee to get a good harvest. We must understand that, in some cases, to create a comfortable microclimate, it is necessary to change the temperature almost every hour. Only automation of the greenhouses can handle this.
Automation of greenhouses has long been not a luxury, but a necessity. We live in a time when we cannot afford to lose money and resources due to inefficient, outdated, manual control, and management schemes. And the epidemiological situation in the world showed us how important it is to keep up with time and technology. Only with automation can you be genuinely calm.

We are giving you 10 reasons that will convince you that automation is necessary:

  1. You save up to 90% on water and energy. Automated systems adapt to the needs of plants and give them only the necessary amount of water and light
  2. You always know what your plants require. Our sensors know precisely what each plant needs and monitor how much water and fertilizer they will receive
  3. Create the perfect climate in your greenhouse and prevent crop diseases and fungal development
  4. You know in advance about possible breakdowns and errors and immediately receive step-by-step instructions for solving the problem
  5. You can manage your greenhouse from anywhere and anytime simply by login into the IOGRU CLOUD
  6. Your entire team interacts on one platform. This dramatically simplifies all daily processes and interaction between company employees
  7. You control all the functions in the greenhouse at any time of the day. Even when you go on vacation, you have access to reports on cultivation, staff productivity, the effectiveness of cultivation strategies, the implementation of the plan and much more
  8. With the installation of IOGRU automated control systems, you also get round-the-clock on-site and remote support. We provide maximum efficiency in resolving issues
  9. Autopilot and failsafe management will simplify your daily tasks, prevent human errors and help you work smoothly and without stress
  10. You save up to 40% on energy bills and also double the life of your equipment thanks to the efficient IOGRU control algorithms

Automation does not only reduces the cost of energy, water, fertilizers, and labor but also makes routine tasks more efficient and simple. The goal of automation is not to get rid of employees, but to improve their performance.