The coronavirus pandemic makes us rethink our outlook on life and adapt as quickly as possible to new conditions. But the new conditions are as follows: the trend towards globalization and unification is almost completely destroyed. Most clearly, we see this in the example of the European Union. The countries of the “single house called the EU”; close – in the fight against a pandemic, everyone is for himself. And globalization abruptly changed to an era of disunity. In this situation, we must become even more wary and far-sighted with regard to our business communications and solutions.

Quarantine may become an annual measure

This year, all countries had to quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. For many, this came as a complete surprise and turned into huge losses that have yet to be calculated. The borders of countries were massively closed, which greatly impeded all our communications. Many business processes had to be suspended, especially those related to deliveries from other countries.

World realities are such that events such as the “pandemic” and “quarantine” may have to get used to in the coming years. More pandemic outbreaks are predicted due to rapid mutations in the virus, as well as the emergence of new viruses. It is very likely that mass quarantine care will become an annual preventative procedure. In such conditions, cooperation with international companies becomes very alarming and full of risks. You never know at what point you can “De-energize” with another ban or closure of borders

Too far

Another serious problem in dealing with foreign companies is distance. When you are on different continents with your partners, solving urgent problems is simply impossible. Especially if you need a personal presence. And, as we all know, time is money. Today you simply cannot afford to lose a dime.

Time zone difference

When working with European companies, you have to face the fact that you are separated not only by distance, but also by hours. When we have morning, these guys are already sleeping. And if you have an urgent question, well, you have to wait until tomorrow. Can you afford it? For unknown reasons, most European companies still do not switch to 24/7 work. Yes, everyone likes to relax and siesta or, for example, national holidays, such as the King’s Birthday, celebrated in the Netherlands, this is wonderful, but the realities of the modern world simply do not allow you to be so relaxed about your work.

Business performance is highly dependent on the speed of resolving issues and problems. Especially when around such competition and procrastination can be too expensive.

Inability to finish the started projects

And we come back to the issue of emergencies. Imagine that you started a large project with a foreign company. Everything is going well, but suddenly in your country, or in the country of partners, an emergency and closure of borders is announced, or sanctions are introduced that do not allow you to interact further. Everything, your project suffers huge losses and, as a result, is closed. Unfortunately, in the modern world, we have to be prepared for such incidents. But if you work with local brands, then you can not be afraid of such situations.

Barriers and misunderstanding

The specifics of doing business in the USA and other countries can vary greatly. Ignorance of the market, language barriers, differences in construction standards and rules – this makes work efficiency even more difficult. In order to correctly understand each other and come to a common right decision, sometimes you have to spend a lot of time. All this greatly stops your business and you, again, lose your money and nerves.

We have listed only a few reasons for the inefficiency of cooperation with foreign companies, but there are many more. We think that you yourself have something to supplement this list with. The coronavirus pandemic showed how the world was not ready for effective collaboration. We can no longer hope for anyone but ourselves. Working with foreign companies, we are at risk. Working with local companies, we can be sure of tomorrow and that they will come to our aid on time. Remember, IOGRU is in touch with you 24 \ 7. We know everything that needs to be done to prosper, both your crop and your business. We are near, we will help.