on 20 April 2019, 3:31PM
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Light is a very important part in the plant's development. Without good old light you won’t be able to grow even a smallest crop. But too much light can be bad as well. So your plants have to be exposed to the optimal amount of light. But how to determine this ‘optimal amount’?

The number of hours your plants should be exposed to the light, mostly depends on the growth stage. In the earlier times, when your plant is in the developing stage, more light is recommended. But in the latter stages, plants don’t really need as much light. That is why it is extremely important to control amounts of light and temperature. A lot of people forget that light is correlated with the temperature level. It rises the temperature in the growing rooms by a lot, which can cause fatalities or burnt buds. Sometimes it is really hard to control the light and temperature levels on your own.

IOGRU can make your life much easier by implementing integrated climate control systems that will create a perfect growing environment for your crops. IOGRU is a leading innovative company that follows and successfully implements the newest technologies to the greenhouses all over North America. So if you want to protect your buds, you should consider automating your greenhouse.