on 16 April 2019, 11:11AM
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One of the most important steps in the beginning of the process of growing is the decision about the environment that you want to keep your plants in. When deciding on whether to choose indoor or outdoor growing you need to think about the advantages and drawbacks of both methods.

If you are very tight on budget then outdoor growing is for you. You won’t need to spend lots of money on various equipment and materials. You can practically build a growing operation yourself utilizing minimum budget. But that is the case only if you are ready for unexpected outcomes. The biggest disadvantage is that you cannot control the environment that crops will grow in and mother nature is very unpredictable lady. It is well known that crops are very fragile and sensitive to the external factors. Growing outdoors might lead to losing some/all of your plants. Keep the risks in mind!

On the other side indoor growing can be as expensive as you want it to be. You can build a small room with a fan and a couple of lights that will cost you nothing. Or you can invest some capital in building a sophisticated greenhouse utilizing the newest technologies and receiving the highest yield. It is all up to you. But it is much easier to build the necessary environment for you delicate plants indoors. Every little thing comes to play when we are talking about the amount of the yield of the final product that is expected to be received. You can run around all day turning on and off your fans and lights. But at the end does it worth the constant trouble?

With efficient systems provided by IOGRU you can control everything from the levels of CO2 to the amount of light and water crops will receive. And you will not have to worry, our systems will do all the work for you. Don’t forget - perfect conditions will lead to the perfect product!